Crack the Code of Who You Are
- Introduction to the Enneagram

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Crack the Code of Who You Are - Introduction to the Enneagram

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Discover who you are, in this 80-minute-long webinar. I am going to help you gain deep insights into the patterns that drive who you are, and how to manage yourself more effectively to maximise your potential. 

Ultimately, it’s all about living a happier life.

  • Make sense of your behaviours 
  • Improve your confidence 
  • Uncover self-limiting beliefs and blind spots 
  • Clear core emotional issues
  • Increase your compassion for self and others 
  • Uncover pathways to personal growth
  • Increase productivity and motivation 
  • Build leadership authenticity, potency and impact 
  • Create new strategies for different ways of being 
  • Increase your resilience towards stress
Presentation by
Hans Schumann, Executive Career & Life Coach, PCC ICF, Integrative Enneagram Practitioner

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